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Thank you for visiting Crowe & Associates, LLC, your source for individual and group insurance.   As an independent agency, we provide clients with access to a number of insurance companies in order to find the best plan option or rate available.  We offer all lines of insurance but our main specialty is helping seniors find the best Medicare option available to them.  Through guidance and education we help them find the right type of plan and then help them determine the most competative company offering in their area.


We also work with 150+ brokers and sales people to provide them with access to all major insurance companies offering Medicare, dissability, life, long term care, dental and vision insurnance.  Our greatest asset to brokers and sales agents is our various sales lead program which give them access sales leads at the lowest cost anywhere.


 Please click on our blog link to learn more about a number of subjects including Medicare, Annuities, Life Insurance, Health Reform, Long Term Care and a number of other subjects.

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  • How Are Hospital Observation Services Covered?
    For those covered under Original Medicare or a Managed Medicare plan there can be a big difference in out of pocket costs for a hospital...
  • Medicare Excess Charges Connecticut
    Medicare excess charges or excess billing is applied by doctors that do not accept Medicare assignment.  A doctor not accepting assignment is able to bill...
  • Medicare Assignment
    Doctors who don’t accept assignment may charge you more than the Medicare approved amount but can not bill more than 15% more.  This is called the...
By Crowe and Associates
  • Best 1 Year Fixed Interest Rate in Connecticut
    Most bank CD’s are paying less than 1% interest on a 1 year CD.  For those willing to look at other contractually guaranteed investments, there are...
  • Best Growth Annuities For 2015
    There are a number of fixed indexed annuities being offered with uncapped strategies for 2015.   Given the similarities between the various uncapped options it can be hard to tell...
  • High Value Returns; Contracted Interest Rates
    First position commercial mortgage notes (FPCM for short) are one of the best methods to generate the highest interest rate possible.  Clients are able to get...

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  • Fixed Annuities Connecticut - Planning for the future is sometimes an exceedingly difficult task. Many people feel lost and overwhelmed by how many facts must be considered. Anyone who has ever thought of retirement can attest to the challenging nature of this responsibility.
  • Variable Annuity Connecticut – People who are on the market looking for a retirement plan should look no further than CroweAndAssociates.com. We offer comprehensive investments plans that fit each client’s unique situation. Our goal is to match our clients up with the plan that is right for them, whether it is a variable or fixed annuity Connecticut, we are more than ready to get the job done.
  • Life Insurance Annuity Connecticut - Understanding life insurance annuity Connecticut is not a simple thing. This is mostly due to the fact that annuities in general are often misunderstood.  Luckily for those who are looking to purchase an annuity, CroweAndAssociates.com is extremely committed to changing this.
  • Annuity Insurance Connecticut - As most people may know, annuity insurance Connecticut can be a great investment to make. Today, no person can really guarantee financial security during retirement, thus taking the steps to plan for one’s own retirement is especially advisable.
  • Fixed Annuity Connecticut - Finding the right insurance company from whom to buy a fixed annuity Connecticut is easy. However, finding agents who are willing to make sure one finds the best annuity contract is a different story.
  • Life Annuity Connecticut - A single life annuity in Connecticut is defined as a monthly payment which is being made by an insurance company to an already retired person. This type of payment will only cover the person who actually bought the annuity and the payments will stop in the event of that person’s death.
  • Medigap Plans Connecticut - Medigap plans are basically additional health insurance plans that an individual buys from a private insurance company in order to pay healthcare costs that are not covered by the original Medicare. Such costs may be for co-payments, deductibles, or even travel payments for those who require flight services for medical reasons.
  • Medigap Insurance Connecticut - Americans who have turned 65 and older can greatly benefit from Medicare, a program that partially covers medical costs for seniors. Medicare is a federal, taxpayer-supported program which helps seniors and people with disabilities pay their medical bills like the ones for medical care, screenings, treatments, diagnoses and other form of medical support.
  • Medigap Connecticut - Medicare is able to cover a lot of medical costs but not all of them. This is one of the most significant reasons why people decide to buy Medigap in Connecticut. To buy a Medigap policy, all a person needs to do is contact a local insurance company in Connecticut and talk to one of their agents who can help find the insurance plan that best suits a person’s needs.
  • Medicare Supplement Connecticut - A Medicare supplement in Connecticut, which is also known as Medigap, is sold by private insurance companies and it can greatly assist in paying off some of the healthcare costs that Original Medicare does not cover such as deductibles, co-insurance and co-payments.