Wellcare Broker Contract 2014

Crowe and Associates offers Wellcare contracts at the street, GA, MGA and SGA level.  Street commission levels are at the maximum allowable by state for 2014.  The maximum commission level for 2014 by state is (street level) CA-$532.00, NJ-$532.00 -CT-$480.00 and all other states are at $413.   Commission levels increase with the GA, MGA and SGA commission levels.  Wellcare currently offers plans in CT, NJ, NY, FL, TX,GA,IL, HI, OH, LA, KY and MO.

Wellcare offers two a paper and online contracting method.  We have found the online method to be much faster as it is now the preferred method a Wellcare.  For those interested in contracting you may CLICK HERE FOR THE WELLCARE CONTRACTING   If you have questions regarding this process, please feel free to call our office at 203-796-5403 or email us at admin@croweandassociates.com or Edward@Croweandassociates.com

Click Here For Wellcare Rates and Plan Designs

$50.00 payment per application over street- Crowe and Associates offers a $50 lead marketing payment per application submitted with Wellcare.  We will pay street agents an additional $50 for every approved case.   This payment is sent to agents monthly in the form of a check.

Exclusive Lead Program- We offer an exclusive online lead program through Prospect Zone and Health plan One.  Crowe and Associates reduces exclusive online leads by $10 each.  This leaves a cost of $10 per lead for agents.  Leads are real time, exclusive and sent to the agent by the lead vendor.   There is no limit to the amount of leads that can be ordered.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON THE LEAD PROGRAM    PLEASE NOTE:  If you choose the $50 bonus program you can not use the online leads.