Best 1 Year Fixed Interest Rate in Connecticut

Most bank CD’s are paying less than 1% interest on a 1 year CD.  For those willing to look at other contractually guaranteed investments, there are currently offers for up to 6% fixed interest with only a 1 year commitment.

While not a bank with FDIC backing, First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes are a way to generate substantial interest rates with short terms.  Non-accredited investors can obtain a 6% rate.  Interest payments are made to the borrower over the course of 12 months with the initial investment being returned at the end of the term.   The investment is protected by the value of the property (no greater than 65% mortgage to loan ratio) and the company offering it.  In the event of a mortgage default, the investor will not see an interruption in payments and will have no responsibility or involvement with foreclosure/short sale proceedings.

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Best Growth Annuities For 2015

There are a number of fixed indexed annuities being offered with uncapped strategies for 2015.   Given the similarities between the various uncapped options it can be hard to tell which companies are offering the best deals.  Although the options with uncapped growth annuities seem endless, they all are relatively similar.  The key if identifying the common components of indexed […]

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High Value Returns; Contracted Interest Rates

First position commercial mortgage notes (FPCM for short) are one of the best methods to generate the highest interest rate possible.  Clients are able to get a contract-backed rate of 6% with only a 1 year commitment.  Given the low equity to loan value and other factors such as safety and track record of the companies […]

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Highest Yield, Contract-Backed Return Opportunity – Earn 6% with a 1 Year Committment

Crowe and Associates has partnered with Woodbridge Structured Funding LLC to bring its clients innovative asset growing ideas. For those seeking a different approach, First Position Commercial Mortgages (FPCMs) offer asset-backed opportunities that are short term in nature and render a high-yield.   FPCMs offer a high degree of safety and predictability. Your money is secured by […]

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Best Fixed 1 Year Interest Rates

Participants can obtain high interest rates utilizing first position commercial mortgage notes.(FPCM)  Most notes will carry a 1 or 2 year commitment but will provide a contract-backed return of 5% or 6% a year.  While the strategy is not as safe as a bank it is still certainly on the lower end of the risk […]

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First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes – Safer, High Returns

For individuals looking for a different approach,  Crowe and Associates has partnered with Woodbridge Structured Funding to provide First Position Commercial Mortgage Notes (FPCM).  FPCMs are asset backed commercial mortgages.  These offer you a high-yield as well as a high degree of safety and predictability.  A small minimum of only $25,000 is required for participation. Your money is secured […]

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MassMutual Care Choice One- Life, LTC and Guaranteed Cash All In One Policy

Mass Mutual rolled out a single deposit Long Term Care product that provides Long Term Care, Life Insurance and guaranteed cash value build up all in one policy. Unlike other similar products, the MassMutual product guarantees an increase on all benefits over time.  This is a single deposit product meaning it is intended for lump sum roll-overs only.    An illustration for […]

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Market Linked CD’s Can Provide Higher Returns

Market linked CD’s are a good alternative to traditional bank CD’s and annuities.  Bank CD’s are currently yielding 1% on a short term basis and no higher than 3% on a 5 to 7 year term.  Market linked CD’s work differently as they have a guaranteed minimum return (usually .5% to 1%) but have an […]

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Americo LibertyMark 15% Bonus Annuity

Until recently, few bonus annuities have been approved in Connecticut.  Equitrust had the largest bonus at 6% but now there is a 13% bonus product in CT with the approval of the Americo LibertyMark annuity. (Please Note:  The bonus is 15% in many other states)   The product comes with a 7 year term and 10 […]

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CD Type Fixed Annuity Rates

A fixed annuity works in a very similar manner to a bank CD.  The insurance company offers a fixed rate that does not change for a set number of years.  At the end of the term, the money is free of any type of surrender penalty and can be left in the account, cashed out […]

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