Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Supplement Plans: Under age 65

Getting a Medicare Supplement plan is difficult for someone on  under age 65 that is medicare eligible due disability.  Most of the supplement plans available are only offered to those on Medicare at age 65 and older.   Although the options are limited there are still some good choices.

If you are on Medicare A and B and under the age of 65 you can still obtain an Anthem Plan A supplement for about $190.00 a month.  The plan covers basic benefits and the 20% part B coinsurance.  It does not cover the hospital deductible however. Even without the Part A hospital deductible covered, this is a legitimate plan offering strong coverage.

United/AARP will offer plans to those under age 65 as well but only down to age 50. For those on Medicare age 50 to age 64, AARP will offer plan A, B and C.   Plan A has the exact same benefits as the Anthem plan A discussed above.  Plan B covers the same thing as plan A supplement but also will cover the Hospital Part A deductible.  Plan C covers Basic benefits, 20% coinsurance, Part A and B deductibles and skilled nursing facility.  With the extra coverage comes additional cost as plan C with AARP costs over $230.00 a month

For an Anthem BCBS Plan A supplement summary of benefits click here

For an Anthem BCBS Plan A supplement Application, click here

For an AARP Plan A-C application click here

For an AARP plan A-C summary of benefits click here

Applications may be printed out and sent into Anthem or United HealthCare directly or they may be sent to Crowe & Associates for processing. Crowe & Associates will review applications to ensure they are complete prior to submission to United HealthCare. Applications can be sent to Crowe & Associates by the following methods

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