united healthcare aarp medicare complete medicare plans for 2013

This post is for a review of the United Healthcare Medicare Complete and the AARP Medicare Complete plans for 2013.  If you want 2012 information CLICK HERE

United Healthcare will be making some minor changes for the better to the 2013 Medicare Complete plan line which includes United Healthcare Medicare Complete and AARP Medicare Complete products.  All products listed are Medicare Advantage plans.  Look at seperate postings for information on AARP Medicare Supplement plans.

The United Healthcare Medicare Complete product is very similar to the AARP branded version but most versions do not have out of network coverage as they are usually HMO plans.  The in network benefits tend to be a little better than the AARP branded in network benefits as a result.  for 2013 the United Healthcare branded products will look similar to the 2012 version with a few improvements such as a lower annual out of pocket max, a outpatient surgery benefit that offer more than 80% coverage and  a lower primary doctor copay.  The improvement to the outpatient surgery benefit is the most needed change overall and this will reduce costs for many members.

The AARP Branded Medicare Complete plan took on a $20 monthly premium in 2012 and it looks like that will stay for 2013 as well.  The outpatient surgery benefit and out of pocket max on this plan will also be improved over last years version.   The AARP branded plan is on a PPO platform in most states and offers out of network coverage as a result.  Last years version only provided for 70% coverage out of network.  It is not yet known if this will be improved for 2013 or not.

The drug coverage in both versions will be mainly the same for 2013 with some very small ($2 or $3) increases in the name brand tiers of the drug coverage.  While the United and AARP Medicare Complete plans did not compare well to competitors in 2012, it should be in a much more competitive position for 2013.


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